SunFreeWare and SunSolve


For the longest of time, Sunfreeware ( was my main source for pre-compiled Solaris packages. But they stopped updating it at the end of 2011. And the site that’s left doesn’t always work for me.

The official replacement site is, but as you’ll quickly discover, it is not free…

They have left the original FTP servers up and going. And they’ve saved the day a couple of times when looking for older versions of OpenSSL for example.



Here is hoping they don’t shut those down.


And who remembers looking for patches in SunSolve… Since it’s replacement with “My Oracle Support” (aka MOS), it’s never been quite the same.

I’ve recently discovered WeSunSolve.  It has tonnes of info on Solaris Packages and Patches and BugID’s. You’ll still need your MOS credentials to download the patches, but I find this site a lot easier to use than MOS.