Netbackup Client Uninstall in Solaris

As far as I can tell, Veritas does not provide an uninstall script to remove the Netbackup 6.0 Client from Solaris 10 Servers…

I went looking to see what files the client installed, and what  services were started up, and based on that here is my best guess as to how to cleanly remove the client.

svcadm disable network/bpcd/tcp
svccfg delete network/bpcd/tcp

svcadm disable network/vnetd/tcp
svccfg delete network/vnetd/tcp

svcadm disable network/vopied/tcp
svccfg delete network/vopied/tcp

svcadm disable network/bpjava-msvc/tcp
svccfg delete network/bpjava-msvc/tcp

cd /var/svc/manifest/network
rm bpcd-tcp.xml vnetd-tcp.xml vopied-tcp.xml

vi /etc/inetd.conf
(Remove bpcd vnetd vopied & bpjava-msvc)

vi /etc/services
(Remove bprd bpcd vnetd vopied & bpjava-msvc)

pkill –HUP inetd

rm –rf /usr/openv
(Make sure you're not dealing with file system first..)