Dropbox Cache Growing Out of Control…

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I love DropBox… But it’s not perfect…

Over the last couple of days, one of my machines has been having trouble keeping in sync… The trouble is limited disk space…   So, I went looking for where this disk space was being taken up, and DropBox was the culprit…

Whenever a file changes on one of your other linked machines, DropBox grabs the latest copy (as it should), but it moves and renames the current copy to a .dropbox.cache folder. It stays there for up to three days.

To solve the problem, a little batch file…

@echo off
taskkill /f /im Dropbox.exe /t
del /s /f /q  D:Dropbox.dropbox.cache*
start “” “%APPDATA%DropboxbinDropbox.exe”

You’ll have to adjust the D:Dropbox path to match the location of your Dropbox.

For now, I’m just running as needed. But I am considering putting into a scheduled task.

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